Tyler Baltierra Breaks Down About Moments of Weakness Amid Cheating Rumors

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He shared the truth with fans

Everyone has moments of weakness, and the cast of Teen Mom is no different. The problem is that when they have weak moments or make mistakes there are millions of people around the world watching it all go down. Things in Tyler Baltierra’s life have been spiraling for weeks, ever since he was first accused of cheating on his wife, Catelynn Lowell.

Catelynn and Tyler’s relationship has made it past some serious hurdles, from adoption to Catelynn’s severe post-partum depression. Now that Catelynn is in treatment for her depression, it may not have seemed anything could get worse for the couple. That is, until rumors began to surface that Tyler was cheating on his longtime partner.

Now, Tyler is opening up about his moments of weakness as these rumors continue to swirl, and it’s clear that he’s in a difficult place because of them.

tyler baltierra looking sad

Credit: MTV