Proof That Tyler Baltierra Is Having Serious Mental Issues; Will He and Catelynn Last?

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Two wrongs don't make a right

It’s undeniable that Tyler Baltierra has survived a lot of bad circumstances that he was against. He was raised by a father who had substance abuse issues and was in-and-out of jail. Tyler got into drinking and drugs when he was a young teen himself, then met a girl who lived under similar unstable circumstances. They got pregnant when they were way too young to be parents, but giving up their child for adoption allowed them to decide that they wanted to get healthy and stable for their own sake.

Despite all of the work Catelynn and Tyler put into changing their situation, Catelynn developed severe depression and anxiety. Now it looks like Tyler is heading down the same dark path.

Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images

We hope that Tyler can seek the same help and salvation that Catelynn did