Is This ‘Teen Mom’ Star Accusing Catelynn of Causing Her Own Miscarriage?!

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Fans are LIVID!

When Catelynn Lowell’s third pregnancy was announced on Teen Mom, some fans weren’t particularly excited. It’s not that they weren’t over the moon at the thought of the Baltierras having a second child, but recent rumors suggested the pregnancy would not end well. Only a few episodes later, what viewers were dreading was confirmed on national television: Catelynn Lowell had suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage.

With her miscarriage in mind, all of Catelynn’s recent mental health problems come a bit more into focus. Catelynn has been in and out of treatment as she shares with fans that she has suffered from severe suicidal thoughts. It obviously hasn’t been easy for her, but the love from her fans, family, and fellow castmates has been overpowering.

That is, except for one cast mate. Sometimes it seems that Teen Mom rumors can’t sink any lower, but this cast member apparently wanted to make things even worse. It seems he just insinuated that it’s Catelynn’s own fault she suffered this devastating loss.

catelynn lowell crying

Credit: MTV