‘Teen Mom OG’ Cast Thinks Farrah’s Replacement Will RUIN the Show

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They're not cool with the change!

Being the new girl on the block can be difficult for anyone. But having to face off with three of MTV’s biggest stars is an entirely different ballgame. Now that Farrah Abraham has officially stopped filming with MTV, the network is looking to replace her with someone new. After all, it would be strange if Teen Mom OG had only three girls while Teen Mom 2 has five! But the newest addition to the Teen Mom OG has a long road ahead of her.

Farrah’s replacement won’t only have to win over the millions of fans who tune in to Teen Mom every week. She’ll also have to win over her three established co-stars! It won’t be an easy task for MTV’s new pick, and some of the cast members are already speaking out about how her addition could ruin the show!

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Credit: MTV