‘Teen Mom’ Star Accuses Executive Producer of Sleeping with Cast Members!

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With WHO?!

After Teen Mom OG went on hiatus, it came back with some pretty big changes. Instead of simply filming the girls, presenting their experiences as they were, MTV decided to peel the curtain back and reveal what went on behind the scenes during the filming. After the show’s producers, crew members, and executives became characters of the series, how they interact with and get answers out of the stars was revealed. So, it’s not surprising that many of usually-behind-the-scene people got wrapped up in scandals of their own.

Although many of the producers have kept to themselves, many have formed some lasting relationships with the cast. For example, Farrah Abraham and Heather Walsh grew extremely close, even calling each other sisters. In a less charming example, producer Kiki Malone was accused of giving Ryan Edwards drugs while he was in rehab. Whether or not all of the rumors are true, it’s clear that the producers have some involvement in the lives of the stars… but just how involved are they?

According to one person within the Teen Mom family, one of the producers is overstepping a serious boundary by sleeping with the cast members. If that wasn’t enough, the producer under fire is the producer, executive producer Morgan J. Freeman!

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