‘Teen Mom’ Fans Want This Star Officially Off the Show!

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They want to kick her off!

Everyone has their favorite Teen Mom cast member. Maybe it’s the cast member you’ve been following the longest, or the one that reminds you of yourself — maybe even just the one that you think has the funniest storyline! That also means that everyone has their least favorite cast member.

Unfortunately for those who hate one of the main cast members, it’s not very likely that MTV is going to kick them to the curb. When the cast changes, it will likely be because one of them finally goes through with their numerous threats to quit. That said, with the way that fans have been begging MTV to kick this star off of the show, that might just change.

Even the most disliked stars of Teen Mom have their die-hard followers, but there’s one cast member that no one seems to like or even defend. Could fans be successful in getting this star kicked off the show, or at least getting her segments reduced?

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Credit: MTV