‘Teen Mom’ Crew Exposed for Racist Comments, Drug Dealing, and Bribery!

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The truth is out!

When Teen Mom became Teen Mom OG, the filming style of the show changed drastically. Instead of being presented like an objective drama with no interference from production, the producers and crew had a much more active role when the series returned in its new incarnation. The producers are almost characters in their own right, as they interact with the cast members regularly, ask them pointed question, and try to get them to discuss certain topics.

In fact, many of the producers have gotten close with a few of the cast members! For example, Heather and Farrah became very close, with Heather even calling Farrah her “little sister.” There were also rumors that Ryan Edwards was cheating on Mackenzie Standifer with the producer Kiki!

But now, it looks like the producers aren’t only there just to move the conversations along. According to one of the cast members, the producers have some horrible secrets of their own. From racism to drug dealing to bribery, it looks like the producers have gone to some serious lows to make a good show.

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Credit: MTV