This ‘Teen Mom’ Couple Is Back On!

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She took him back!

Leah Messer’s ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, has yet to fall off of the Teen Mom radar. He’s the father of Leah’s third daughter, Adalynn “Addie” Faith Calvert, and he and Leah were together for a while before notorious rumors of cheating eventually did the couple in. Still, fans keep up with Jeremy, his new relationships, and how he balances them with being a father to Addie and supporter of Leah.

So some fans were upset when he split up with his new fiance, Brooke Wehr. The two were on-and-off for a while before they officially called it quits after a cheating scandal got in between them. Now, it seems that Jeremy rekindling things with his ex.

jeremy and brooke

Source: Instagram @jeremylcalvert; Twitter @bwehr1o