That’s a Wrap! The Biggest ‘Teen Mom’ Fights of 2017!

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Throwdowns of the Year!

The year 2017 was one roller coaster of a time for everyone… and that includes the Teen Mom cast members! Many of the girls — Chelsea, Jenelle, Briana, and Kailyn — gave birth. Some ended long-term relationships, while others started them. Some tied the knot with their partners, some moved into new homes, and some started up new jobs.

Needless to say, a lot has changed over the last 12-month period. A lot of improvements were
made… but a lot of drama went gone down too!

As the Teen Mom personalities gain more and more fame, their combative natures have come out as well. It’s resulted in some of the biggest throw downs that the show has ever seen, and we’re here to stroll down memory lane with the biggest Teen Mom feuds of 2017.

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Credit: MTV