The Truth Comes Out: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Admits to “Laying Hands” on Their Significant Other!

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It's not pretty.

When it comes to Teen Mom, MTV has committed to capturing all of the true experiences of the cast members. This means that in addition to revealing some of the most beautiful moments of their lives like childbirth and weddings, the show also captures some of their darkest moments. Over the years, MTV has aired the girls struggling with drug addiction, unhealthy relationships, and ugly custody battles.

Sometimes, seeing the worst parts of the Teen Mom cast members can make it hard for fans to stand behind them. Clips that have aired on MTV have made many reconsider which of the girls is really worth defending. It seems that this Teen Mom star may be the next to lose support from the community.

Many of the cast members have admitted to dark times and mistakes they’ve made in the past, but this star’s behavior may be truly unforgivable as they open up about “laying hands” on their significant other.


Credit: MTV