‘Teen Mom’ Star Faces Charges of Prostitution

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Find out which one of these stars is young and restless!

Over the years we’ve watched the Teen Mom stars battle it out not just with the people in their lives but also in court.

Yes, it’s true these young stars who have assumed responsibility for little ones sometimes get caught up in their own childish behavior and end up in a bigger mess than their kids could make.

While we’re happy to report that none of the show’s stars have had any run ins with the law lately… we can’t say the same for some of their friends. Jenelle Evans is no stranger to the justice system and we hope she can give her friend some pointers now that she’s facing some serious judgement with charges of prostitution looming over head.

Source: Twitter @PBandJenelley_1


This time Jenelle's got nothing to do with the trouble....