Calling It Quits! ‘Teen Mom’ Star Announces This Is Her Last Season on the Show!

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Say goodbye!

The Teen Mom cast have been through a lot together over the years that they’ve been reality stars. Even though their celebrity comes with some obvious perks, they haven’t been shy about the difficulties they’ve faced over the years, either. The show has now been on the air for nearly a decade, which means that the cast members have spent the majority of their adult lives in the public eye. Even though many fans would love to keep watching Teen Mom until it becomes Middle-Aged Mom, we all know that it’s going to have to come to an end some day.

Apparently, this cast member simply couldn’t wait until MTV officially cancels the show to throw the towel in. It seems that her status in the public eye has become too much for her, and she’s officially announced that this will be her last season on the air.

teen mom 2 cast reunion

Credit: MTV