Demanding Dads! Check out the “Teen Dads” Ridiculous Demands for Reunion

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Talk about divas!

We all know that the Teen Moms can be… well, dramatic, to say the least. Apparently, though, they’re not the only divas on the set of Teen Mom. The dads can also be extremely high maintenance.

There are plenty of hated “Teen Dads” on MTV. There’s drug addicted Ryan Edwards and Adam Lind, those prone to violence like Nathan Griffin, and even the totally absent options like Jenelle’s first baby daddy, Andrew Lewis. Then again, there are some fan favorites, as well. Maybe you like Cole DeBoer, who recently tied the knot with Chelsea Houska, or Javi Marroquin, despite his incessant fighting with his ex, Kailyn.

At the end of the day, though, though, even the favorite baby daddies can sometimes push the limits. If anyone had doubts about that, a recent incident proves it.

The Teen Mom cast were all reunited during the filming of the reunion special. The drama that unfolded during filming is still continuing to come out — specifically surrounding Jenelle’s fight with Nathan and his new girlfriend Ashley. Now it looks like there’s more evidence of how dramatic the dads can be as their myriad of filming demands have come out!

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