Sorry Not Sorry: Javi Continues to Tell the Ugly Truth About Kailyn

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Seems like this teen dad won't be biting his tongue any longer

Javi doesn’t seem to be letting up when it comes to his ex Kailyn Lowry. That’s right, the young military man and father to Lowry’s second son still wants to tell his side of the story and for good reason!

Even though sources had reported that the two were working on being more amicable with each other, Javi believes that all may actually be fair in this game of love and war where he doesn’t plan on backing down when it comes to telling his side of their story. In a recent interview 24 -year old Marroquin revealed that while Kailyn may have penned her own version of events, he’s got the truth on his side and he’ll reveal it in HIS tell all tale, Heartlessly Hustled.

Source: Instagram @javim9


Javi's refusing to keep quiet despite the truce he claims he and his ex wife have