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‘Teen Mom’ Feud Alert! Simon and Kailyn Go Head to Head

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Simon decided to equate Kailyn to a sea creature

Simon Saran isn’t as involved with the Teen Mom franchise as the women whose stories are being showcased on it, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to stay quietly on the sidelines all the time. Simon has proven himself to be unreliable, yet he’s also an instigator of drama. He’s been keeping Farrah at arm’s length for years; he absolutely refused to become engaged to her when she even bought her own ring hoping he would finally agree to marriage.

He also goes in on pretty much everyone else that appears on the shows, insulting their businesses, their lifestyles, their looks, and anything else he can attack. This time, he’s going in on Kailyn Lowry, but she wasn’t about to sit back and be insulted by him.

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He just can't leave anyone alone, then he blames it on them