Does This Newly Released Video PROVE Matt Got Amber Pregnant?

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Who's the daddy?!

There are many shocking Teen Mom “plot twists” that will go down in history, and Amber Portwood’s second pregnancy is easily one of the biggest. Amber has never been subtle about not wanting another child, and while she was dating Matt Baier, fans never expected her to announce a pregnancy. It wasn’t until she split from Matt that the unexpected pregnancy news came out, and the rest is history.

These days, Amber is focusing on her growing family with her daughter Leah and baby daddy Andrew Glennon. Fans are waiting to see how she handles being a mother the second time around, and no one can wait to meet the new bundle of joy. But there’s just one question that’s still in the back of many people’s heads: are we sure who Amber’s baby daddy is?

Because she left Matt only a few weeks before getting pregnant, many fans are convinced that Matt could be Amber’s baby daddy. Does this newly released video prove that Matt is the one who got Amber pregnant?

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Credit: MTV