This Unreleased Footage From Chelsea and Cole’s Wedding Has Us in Tears

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These two were clearly meant to be!

More than anything, the Teen Mom cast is known for drama, fights, and explosions. After filming for so many years, many of the cast members’ fame has gotten them into more trouble than most. From bouncing between partners and baby daddies to starting up huge feuds with one another, sometimes it seems like there’s too much drama to keep up with. Luckily, there are always couples like Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer to keep things stable.

Chelsea had a rocky time finding her soulmate, going back to her baby daddy Adam Lind numerous times before finally moving on. Fans were relieved when she finally met Cole, and it was clear from the start these two were a match. When they tied the knot, MTV was stingy when it came to showing all of the emotional moments of their beautiful wedding, leaving fans wanting more. Now, this unreleased footage is making just how much love these new parents have for one another clear.

Make sure you have a box of tissues handy before watching this new clip.

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Source: Instagram @chelseahouska