Nathan Slams Jenelle: “I Just Want to See My Son”

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He could already be in jeopardy with his comments

While Jenelle Evans’s life seems to be on the straight and narrow path to peace and happiness right now, she’ll be dealing with baby daddies, baby mamas, and her own mama’s drama for the rest of her life. She should really try to find some common ground with all of these people now so that she doesn’t have to worry about it in the future, but that day is not today. It’s clear that Nathan Griffith is not satisfied with the custody arrangement he has with Jenelle about their son Kaiser, so he’s taken to social media to lash out at Jenelle and her soon-to-be husband David Eason. He had pretty strong evidence that Jenelle is the one in the wrong.

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Source: Twitter @GroundLevelUp

Nathan is throwing serious shade at his baby mama and her man