Nathan and His Girlfriend Slam MTV’s “Lies” During ‘Being Nathan’ Special

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Nathan and Ashley have teamed up against MTV!

Nathan Griffith has had his fair share of screentime on Teen Mom 2. We’ve seen his relationship with Jenelle from its start as a whirlwind romance to its end in screaming matches and custody battles. His time on the show seems to be far from over as he continues to be a factor in Jenelle’s life when it comes to her son, Kaiser. But apparently enough just wasn’t quite enough: last night, MTV came out with Nathan’s own special, called Being Nathan.

Of course, this didn’t come and go without stirring up some major drama in the Teen Mom fanbase. In fact, before the show even aired, Nathan and his girlfriend were already on Twitter airing grievances about the special!

Was Being Nathan the most controversial Teen Mom specials? Well, judging from the drama it stirred up, it just may have been!


Source: YouTube @MTV