Is MTV Putting ‘Teen Mom’ Stars’ Lives at Risk?

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Some found this image disturbing!

Teen Mom started off as a low-key reality show and a spin-off of MTV’s similarly toned 16 and Pregnant. As it became more and more popular, the style of filming began to change. The producers became part of the show. Their interactions with the stars were filmed to show how their pointed questions or changes of direction can bring out different viewpoints (and more drama)!

The behind-the-scenes of Teen Mom has become incorporated into the show itself, but there are still parts that we don’t always see. Luckily for social media — and for the fact that many of the stars seem to share their every waking moment — fans are beginning to see what it’s really like to be an MTV star. Now, a recent update has fans less intrigued and more concerned.

In fact, this recent addition to Tyler Baltierra’s Snapchat has fans wondering if MTV might be putting the stars’ lives at risk!

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Credit: WE tv