McKenzie McKee in Hot Water Again for Child Rearing Techniques

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Mackenzie Makee is making headlines again ...

Let’s face it – parenting is a job, a really hard one.

Most parents pride themselves on their abilities to provide their offspring with the very best they can, while making sure they prosper in life and grow into healthy, happy human beings.

It’s always been understood that a certain level of maturity comes along with this responsibility, which makes this task especially hard for teen moms. (Having a child when you are still a child yourself presents a few problems down the line.) So, it’s no surprise that yet again a Teen Mom‘s parenting skills are being criticized.

Teen Mom 3′s Mackenzie McKee is under fire again for her less than perfect parenting proficiencies. The teen mom cheerleader first somersaulted into our hearts in 2014; at the tender of age of sixteen, suffering from diabetes, she gave birth to her son Gannon with her high school sweetheart Josh. The couple has since gotten married and added two more kids to the mix, but it doesn’t seem either of the young parents have a natural knack for child rearing.

Source: Instagram @mackenzietaymckee's not for the young at heart.