Matt Baier Offers Up Sexual Favors to Keep This Scene From Being Aired

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No one took him up on that offer

The moral of the saga of Amber Portwood and Matt Baier is that you should never trust a hustler. We’ve realized that Matt is a master-manipulator who likes to get into intense, fast-moving relationships with women… As soon as he gets what he wants, he dumps them to do the same thing to someone else. Matt probably thought he hit the jackpot when he won the heart of the much younger, troubled, and wealthy reality star Amber Portwood, but now that she sees him for what he really is, she’s reluctant to keep moving forward with their relationship. She’s definitely scared that he’ll cheat on her, if he hasn’t already, and that’s a valid concern.

Just because she refused to elope with him, he claimed that she humiliated him and he would never get married to her; that’s a typical tactic used by manipulative men. He also didn’t want anyone else seeing his failure to ensnare her in marriage. He said he would do this to keep it from being seen.

Credit: MTV

Do you think that Amber will go through with it after this?