Matt Baier’s Tell All Book Still Not on The Shelves

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May 2nd has passed us by and still no book from Matt Baier

We’re sure you probably noticed, but Matt Baier still doesn’t have a book on the shelves in spite of what his anticipated release date was. We’re left wondering just what’s going on and when (and if) we’ll ever get to read what Baier describes as the dirty little details that MTV doesn’t want you to know about their hit series Teen Mom. Though, that’s not all Matt claims he wants to tell you… he also has some pretty strong opinions about Portwood’s co-star on the show, Farrah Abraham.

This is pretty disheartening, since readers were anticipating that he would divulge details about his strained relationship with his kids and his absence in their lives. Guess we can wait on that… and the book, since the release date was scheduled for May 2nd and we still haven’t laid eyes or hands on a copy of the dishy document. What could be the reason for this disappointing delay?

Credit: MTV

Did MTV put a screeching halt on Baier's book?