Matt Baier “BLINDSIDED” by Amber’s Pregnancy!

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He's not taking the news well!

It’s one of the biggest stories spreading around the Teen Mom-verse right now: Amber Portwood is pregnant with her second child. Although Amber hasn’t acknowledged her pregnancy herself, numerous outlets and sources have all colluded the fact that Leah Shirley will soon have a half-sister.

However, with Amber in a brand new relationship, it left a lot of fans wondering who exactly got her pregnant? Although all signs pointed to Andrew Glennon, there were some who theorized that Matt Baier could be the baby’s father. Now, a new update to the story makes it pretty clear that Matt couldn’t be Amber’s second baby daddy ― apparently, he didn’t even know that Amber was pregnant!

Matt has recently revealed that he was entirely blindsided by his ex’s pregnancy. In fact, from this update, it seems that he still has feelings for his ex-fiancée.

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