“D**n Lyin Hustla!” Mackenzie Standifer Just Using Ryan for Money and Fame?

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Is Mackenzie Standifer fake?

When Maci first met Ryan’s new wife, she seemed incredibly relieved. She said took to Mackenzie very quickly, and was happy that Ryan had found a woman like her. It’s hard to believe how much their relationship has changed since their first impressions.

Maci is the type of mother to put her children before everything else, and that explains why her relationship with Ryan and Mackenzie has been on the rocks. She’s been withholding Bentley from his father and stepmother until Ryan proves that he’s clean from his heroin addiction, and Ryan and Mackenzie aren’t taking very kindly to that. Maci may have made a lifetime enemy in Mackenzie now, but it looks like Mackenzie has some skeletons in her closet, too.

On the surface, Mackenzie seems like a trustworthy, charming Southern mother and wife. Could all of that be wrong? It looks like Mackenzie may have had some ulterior motives when it comes to her relationship with Ryan, and it might just give Maci one more reason to dislike her.

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