Teen Mom ‘Til You Drop

Mackenzie McKee Snapchats Her Son Putting a Plastic Bag Over His Head

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She lets her children do too many dangerous things

The bubbly blonde lady with three little ones to care for keeps putting herself in a very bad light. Among cheating rumors, her husband briefly leaving her, and the possibility of being pregnant with another man’s child, Mackenzie has once again shown very poor judgement when it came to her children.

Even one of her fans, calling themselves NotaTMFelon, stated on Reddit, “Her snaps are truly suspenseful to watch, always waiting to see some huge moment of utter stupidity. It almost is worth suffering through her endless fitness snapchats to get to the family ones where I’m on the edge of my seat over a child’s safety or a huge mess Mack made. It’s a roller coaster ride and I’m ashamed to admit it.”

Source: Instagram @mackenzietaymckee