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‘Teen Mom’ Mackenzie McKee’s Controversial Snapchats of Her Son

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Mackenzie's Concerning Parenting Skills

Mackenzie McKee is one of the lesser known stars of the Teen Mom franchise. Maybe that’s because she was on Teen Mom 3, which didn’t do as well as the other shows.

Regardless of her fame level, she still manages to make headlines. Lately she’s been in the news due to her questionable parenting skills. A lot of the girls from Teen Mom make headlines from rumors and speculation. Sometimes these headlines come out of thin air!

In Mackenzie’s case, she only has herself to blame. She continues to post concerning photos of her son to her Snapchat. Maybe she should start thinking twice before she posts… If she doesn’t want child services to show up, that is.

Teen mom mackenzie with her baby

Source : Instagram @mackenzietaymckee

Someone help this child!