“The Worst Pain Ever!” Maci Bookout Opens Up About Her Scary Health and Fertility Conditions!

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Poor Maci!

Maci Bookout has gained a huge following over the years when it comes to her Teen Mom fans, and it’s not hard to see why. Although some of her cast members may have made more controversial choices over the years, Maci has been consistent in her focus on her own growth, her husband Tyler McKinney, and her children. She has proven to be strong and able to fight back anyone who might not have the best intentions for her and her children. No wonder so many of her fans look up to her as a mother and as a woman.

There’s one other reason Maci is so popular with her fans: because of how open she is about her struggles. When fans consider just how much she’s overcome through the years, it’s hard to overlook the strength the must have to get through it all. Her openness about her struggles have proven just how much she’s had to fight to get to where she is.

Now, she’s opening up about yet another difficulty in her life that she’s had to overcome. She’s shared with fans what she describes as “the worst pain ever” and how it’s affected her health over the years.

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Credit: MTV