New Ink Alert: Maci Got a Full Sleeve Tattoo!

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She went all out!

Luckily for Maci, it looks like the days of cheating rumors, drug scandals, and high-intensity fighting are finally behind her. Although some of the other cast members are still getting to a stable point in their lives, Maci can finally settle down and focus on herself. Maci Bookout has mostly managed to stay out of the spotlight when it comes to drama these days. She really has none of her own beefs, controversies, of other feuds and most of her time in the headlines is thanks to controversies surrounding her ex, Adam Lind, and his new wife. With everything she’s been through over the years, she should be able to treat herself as much as she wants!

Well, it looks like she’s done just that. Maci has debuted her most recent tattoo update, and this time she’s gone all in with a full sleeve tattoo!

maci sunglasses

Source: Instagram @macideshanebookout