Maci Bookout Granted a Restraining Order Against Her Violent Baby Daddy!

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Stay away!

While many of the cast members of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have had massive ups and downs throughout their years on the show, Maci Bookout has managed to stay true to herself from the very beginning. Her dedication to her children and their happiness and safety hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans, and it has managed to make her a favorite among many. When life throws Maci a curveball, she always manages to take it in stride — but can she handle such a massive hit?

Sometimes it seems that the only thing keeping Maci from living her “happily ever after” is struggling to stay on the same page as her first baby daddy, Ryan Edwards. From the very beginning, it was clear that these two weren’t going to work out, and they continued to fight nonstop ever since they broke up. Maci went on to marry Taylor McKinney, and even though Ryan now has a wife of his own, he’s gained something else, too: an addiction.

Much of last season of Teen Mom OG followed Maci battling with Ryan over his addiction and his presence in their son Bentley’s life. Maci continued to refuse Ryan access to his son until he passed a drug test. Even though Ryan insisted that he was sober from the very beginning, he wasn’t able to produce the clean drug test that Maci wanted. In the meantime, it was clear that Ryan was getting incredibly frustrated with Maci’s decisions.

Only a few weeks after Teen Mom OG finished airing, news broke that Ryan had indeed relapsed back into his heroin addiction. But there’s more to the story than that, and things started to get very ugly, very fast.

It turns out that Ryan’s frustration was more dangerous than just a bad mood, and his violent nature soon came out. As a result of horrific threats and dangerous actions, Maci has just been granted a restraining order against the father of her son. Keep reading for a full video detailing Ryan’s shocking actions!

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