“He Threatened to Put a Bullet in My Head!” Maci Bookout Reveals Ryan Edwards’ Violent Behavior

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Poor Maci!

For better or for worse, the Teen Mom cast are no strangers to the inside of a courtroom. From divorce paperwork to custody battles, most of them have spent their fair share of time lawyering up and duking it out.

There are some cast members who are probably professionals at the courtroom process just because they do it so often. But when Maci Bookout heads to court, you know it’s over something very serious.

News recently broke that Maci and her husband Taylor had filed a protective order against Maci’s baby daddy, Ryan Edwards. Given his recent heroin relapse, many fans believed this was to protect Bentley from seeing his father during this period of his life. In reality, it turns out that it’s much more complicated — and scarier — than it seems on the surface. Now it’s clear that Ryan has been violent and threatening toward Maci and her family, and the truth is finally all coming out.

maci looking down

Credit: MTV