Maci Bookout Spends Huge ‘Teen Mom’ Paycheck on New Home

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Room for a Big Family

Since they make such a huge amount of money just for starring on Teen Mom alone, you can learn a lot about the cast members based on how they spend those massive paychecks. Many of the cast members have invested their earnings into side businesses, while others have used their wages for travel or simply for raising their children.

In many ways, Maci is seen as one of the most mature cast members. Considering her general stability in the face of how much difficulty she’s faced with her recovering addict ex, Ryan Edwards, it’s not surprising that when it comes to money, she puts her family and her children first.

Maci’s family grew significantly in the past year, and having a home that’s big enough to spread out is an important part of raising her children. Maci’s done just that with her purchase of this expensive (and expansive) five-bedroom family home.

Maci and Bentley

Source: Instagram @macideshanebookout