“They’re Too Young!” Leah Slammed for Letting Daughters Do WHAT?

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Fans are NOT happy!

Anyone who’s had children can tell you that being a parent isn’t easy. On top of all of the basics like keeping your children happy and healthy, there are endless surprise problems that no one prepares you for when it comes to having kids. Even though some parents have a vast support network to help when they’re in need, this wasn’t the case for everyone on the Teen Mom cast.

When they were just sixteen years old, they had to grow up quick in order to be parents, but it wasn’t always easy. On top of raising babies while they were still children themselves, they had the added complication of having their every moved followed around by cameras, the media, and fans.

Luckily, most of the Teen Mom cast members have outgrown the learning curve they first had when they were on 16 and Pregnant. Now many of them are having their second or third children, and this time, they’re practically pros. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t mess up from time to time.

Leah Messer has had her fair share of controversial parenting techniques from the very beginning, but fans have been supportive through her struggles to care for her twins and their younger sister. Now, she may be losing some of that support after this recent update.

Be sure to read to the end to check out a deleted scene from Teen Mom 2!

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