Leah Admits to Missing Addy’s “Disgusting” Behavior That Was Caught on Camera!

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Fans are grossed out!

There’s no getting around the fact that Teen Mom is big on the drama. However, at its core it’s a show that revolves around one thing: motherhood. If it hadn’t been for the cast members getting pregnant when they were teenagers, they never would have become celebrities in the first place.

Although these days much of the show is feuding, fighting, and relationship problems, motherhood is always on the radar… but sometimes fans feel like parenting is more on their radar than those of the Moms.

One cast member who can’t seem to shake the reputation that she doesn’t give her kids the attention they need more than anyone else is Leah Messer. The mother-of-three receives a lion’s share of the parenting style criticisms from fans. Luckily, she’s learned to grow a thick skin about it all over the years, but that doesn’t mean fans have stopped pointing out what they deem to be her failings.

Now, they’ve found another one — and Leah’s admitting that she didn’t even realize that this parenting incident slipped through the cracks until fans pointed it out!

leah and the girls

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