Leah Messer’s Suicidal Thoughts

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She was in a dark place

The cast of Teen Mom tends to be very open with fans about their lives, and that means the good times and the bad. Any long-time fan will tell you that there seem to be a lot of bad times for the Moms these days.

Becoming pregnant while you’re still in high school marks a huge change for moms — it can be extremely difficult to handle. Many of the cast members have had dark times and have turned to drugs, toxic relationships, and fallen into deep depressions. Now we’re learning more about Leah Messer’s battle with her inner demons.

The mother-of-three finally opened up about one of her darkest points — when things were so serious that she contemplated ending it all. This new revelation is definitely making us see Leah in a new light.

leah messer

Credit: MTV