Leah Messer Blasted for “Inappropriate” Picture of Her Daughter

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Even though all of the 16 and Pregnant cast members were thrown for a loop when they found out they’d be having a child before graduating from high school, Leah Messer’s shock was even more complicated than the rest of the cast, since she found out that she would be having twins!

Since then, fans have tuned in every week to see Leah slowly grow and mature when it comes to raising her children. There have been some seriously dark times in her life, and moments when fans were stunned at the way she was raising her three daughters. But it’s safe to say that Leah has come a long way from when Ali and Aleeah were in diapers.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that Leah is completely finished making mistakes as a mother, and some fans are furious with her over recent photos she posted of her daughters.


Credit: MTV