Leah and Jeremy Getting Flirty on Instagram! Are They Back Together?

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Are they keeping a relationship under wraps?

Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship knows that splitting up is very difficult. Investing your emotions completely in another person is something it isn’t easy to shut off very quickly. Throw in having a child together, and it can be nearly impossible to completely sever ties.

Many of the Teen Mom cast members haven’t really had this problem. Many of them dislike their baby daddies so much that they would do anything to not spend time together. But for Leah Messer, it looks like she’s not entirely sure where her heart is.

Even though Leah and her second husband Jeremy had a messy split, they aren’t entirely out of each other’s lives. For as long as their daughter Addie is growing up, they’ll have to spend time together to co-parent. But lately, it seems like they might be more than just co-parenting.

It looks like Leah and Jeremy are getting flirty on social media after their conversation during the reunion sparked rumors of a rekindling romance. Could they be hiding the fact that they’ve recently gotten back together?

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Source: Instagram @leahdawn92mtv