Is Gary’s Wife Kristina Trying to Adopt Leah From Amber?

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Are they done with Amber?

Given her history of addiction, domestic violence, and incarceration, there’s no question that Amber Portwood has had a rocky start in motherhood. Like essentially all of her Teen Mom co-stars, there are early clips of Leah as an infant where it’s clear that Amber has no idea how to take care of her — and most 16-year-olds wouldn’t! Over the years, Amber has kicked her addiction, her violent tendencies, and her bad habits, and has improved the way that she parents. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all of her criticism is in the past.

This season in particular, Amber has been getting a huge amount of backlash about the way that she’s raising Leah. The star has often been criticized for jumping into another relationship even though she didn’t make much time to spend with Leah in past years. Amber keeps defending her absence by saying her that depression has kept her from her daughter, but fans point out that she’s made time to have a new boyfriend despite her struggles.

Yes, once again, Amber’s maternal status is under scrutiny — but is it so bad that she might lose Leah entirely this time? Fans think that Gary Shirley’s wife, Kristina, may be hoping to adopt Leah from Amber.

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