Kieffer Delp Used ‘Teen Mom’ Paycheck to Fund Meth Lab?

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Does it add up?

While Jenelle Evans was dating Kieffer Delp, drugs were a constant part of her life. In her memoir, Read Between the Lines, she opened up about the fact that Kieffer was the man who first introduced her to heroin, which became an addiction she struggled with and which even threatened her life. Luckily for Jenelle, the two eventually parted ways, and the Teen Mom went on to get clean from her addiction. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Kieffer.

Kieffer has now been arrested for operating a meth lab out of his own home, which makes it pretty clear that he hasn’t gotten out of the lifestyle. Now, fans are wondering just how he managed to fund his production.

The timing of Kieffer’s bust has been brought into question since he just made an appearance on one of Jenelle’s Teen Mom spinoffs. Along with this appearance came a sizable paycheck from MTV, and the timing seems to be just a little suspicious for many fans. Could MTV have unknowingly and indirectly funded Kieffer’s meth lab?

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