Suspected Baby Daddy of Kailyn Lowry Comes Clean

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This daddy defends himself by dishing all the details

Finally! We knew it wouldn’t be long before this poppa-to-be talked. It seems that Kailyn Lowry’s suspected baby daddy is breaking his former vow of silence, spilling interesting evidence that may confirm that the growing baby bump she’s been sporting for months now actually belongs to him. While he initially preferred to take a back seat, it appears that now he refuses to remain mute any longer.

Lowry has been the source of plenty of swirling rumors throughout her entire pregnancy. The gossip reached new volumes because of incriminating tweets exchanged between her and the suspected father of her third child. A heated Twitter battle, involving the parents taking indirect shots at each other, might tell the reason Kail has remained so secretive.

Source: Twitter @KailLowry

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