Kailyn’s Son Getting Bullied by Trolls

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They are savage!

When you agree to have your entire life publicized on a reality show, it’s going to come with a good amount of haters. Every choice, live change, and new pregnancy is going to be praised, but it will also be criticized. What the cast members of Teen Mom probably didn’t realize when they signed on to the show is that they’re also signing up their children to be in the public eye nonstop!

It’s hard to criticize a baby, but as the children of the Moms get older and older, people critique them with less restraint. You might think it’s impossible to make fun of a three-year-old, but internet trolls are pretty relentless.

Now, Kailyn is experiencing this firsthand after trolls completely went off, tearing into one of her sons relentlessly. Hopefully her little one didn’t read anything they wrote!

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Source: Instagram @kaillowry