Police Called to Kailyn Lowry’s Home After Attempted Break-In

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Everyone knows that being a celebrity comes with certain perks. From top name sponsorships to paid public appearances to the huge paychecks, it’s an enviable position for many. Especially considering how seemingly minimal the requirements of being a reality star are, it’s no wonder so many people wish they were in the position of the Teen Mom cast members.

Of course, as we’ve come to learn over the years, there are some serious drawbacks that also come along with being a celebrity. From having your private life put on display to dealing with the haters, there are numerous complaints the cast voices regularly… but there’s one in particular that not many of the cast have spoken out about. Now, Kailyn Lowry is getting firsthand experience of just how bad things can get.

Kailyn shared her harrowing experience when the police were called to her home after what appears to be an attempted break-in. In the midst of this experience, many fans are wondering if her celebrity status may have made her an easy target.

kailyn crying

Credit: WE tv