Ouch! Kailyn’s Baby Daddy Throws MAJOR Shade …And Disses His Own Son?!

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NOT cool!

Try as she may to deny it, most fans are convinced that Kailyn Lowry was head over heels for her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez. It seemed to be the classic situation: to him, she was just a hookup, but she wanted something more. In fact, many people believe Kailyn got pregnant as a way to “trap” Chris into a relationship. Even though that resulted in one of the cutest babies of all time, it certainly didn’t fix things up between them.

Nowadays, Kailyn seems to be over the idea of being with Chris. Chris has refused to appear on Teen Mom since day one, and he’s made it clear that he wants nothing to do with the franchise. But now Kailyn is bringing him back into the drama with her recently released book, A Letter of Love. In the book, she spills the truth about their relationship, and Chris just isn’t having it.

Now Chris is speaking out about what things were really like and is dragging Kailyn in the process. And it seems like he’s even pulled his own son into the line of fire!

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Source: Snapchat @Kailynlowry/We TV