Kailyn Slept With Javi’s Friend?!

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Rumor Has It!

It seems that Marriage Boot Camp has become something of a Teen Mom rite of passage. Farrah Abraham had it out with her mother, Debra Danielsen, about her childhood. Amber Portwood put up her dukes against Matt Baier, even though rumor had it that they had already broken up before the show even started filming. Now, soon to join the ranks of those who were on both Marriage Boot Camp and Teen Mom are Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin.

If there was a perfect breakup to be featured on Marriage Boot Camp, these two have it. Their breakup was surrounded by rumors of infidelity and neither Javi nor Kailyn have spoken out much about it. Even so, most of the fan-base seems to believe that Kailyn had an affair with someone else while Javi was deployed overseas in the air force.

The truth may or may not come out when these two start filming for Marriage Boot Camp, but it might just make things muddier. Especially since rumors that Kailyn stepped out on Javi have recently surfaced. Did I mention that the other man is allegedly Javi’s best friend? Luckily, Kailyn has now spoken out on the gossip.

kailyn lowry and javi kissing

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