Kailyn Slams Javi, “There Are Other Ways to Stay Relevant”

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Things are getting worse between these two!

Being a reality star often means having your story told for you. Producers, editors, and film crews decide what days and events are most interesting and important enough to air. It’s no wonder that so many members of the Teen Mom cast have tried to take back their own narrative by writing a memoir or tell-all to reveal what things were like from their perspective.

From Farrah to Kailyn to Maci (twice), a number of the moms have written books to air out their sides of the story, but it’s not so common for the men of Teen Mom to do the same.

Javi is following the footsteps of Matt Baier, writing a tell-all about his experience on the show after breaking up with Kailyn. It seems like he plans to reveal a whole lot about what actually went down, according to him… So is it any surprise that Kailyn is trying to shut it down?

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Credit: MTV