Looking Bad: Kailyn Slams Javi With a Protection From Abuse Order

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Kailyn and Javi's divorce drama is getting more and more serious...

The drama between Teen Mom 2 exes Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry has been escalating steadily for months now. What seemed like a relatively amicable breakup at first, quickly spiraled into an all-out war over everything…from co-parenting to allegations of cheating and beyond.

Kail and Javi finalized their divorce in December of last year. Their attempt to settle their custody agreement was featured on a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, but apparently that wasn’t the end of the legal proceedings for the ex-couple and you won’t believe why.

Javi and Kailyn in car screencap

Credit: MTV

Kail went after Javi with the law!