Baby Lo’s Birth Inspired Kailyn to Reach Out to Someone You’d Least Expect

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Calling on Suzanne!

Essentially all of the Teen Mom cast members have had tumultuous relationships with their parents at one time or another. It’s no surprise that many of them have had some frustration with their parents, as becoming pregnant at 16 or 17 will put stress on any relationship. From Farrah duking it out with her mother Debra on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition to Jenelle fighting with her mother Barbara over custody of her son Jace, the cast has had their fair share of arguments with their parents.

However, Kailyn Lowry hasn’t spent much time fighting with her mother lately… or speaking with her at all, for that matter. However, she’s ready to change all that. After a lengthy estrangement from her mother, she’s finally reaching out to mom again after the birth of her third son.

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Credit: MTV