Kailyn Prays Chris Lopez Will Have a “Change of Heart” When Baby Lo Arrives

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With a little hustle and heart, she might get him back

Kailyn Lowry fully believes that she can do anything she sets her mind to. She raised two kids almost entirely by herself while getting her college degree, and it turns out that she was pregnant during her last months of school (which added so much strain to the whole situation). If she could get through that, she can certainly add another kid to the mix, even if the baby daddy won’t be in the picture.

However, Kailyn can’t deny that she’s unhappy with Chris Lopez’s decision to have nothing to do with her or his child. She’s really hoping that he’ll be there once the baby is born.

kailyn takes a selfie

Source: Instagram @kailynandjavifans

She doesn't want her child to grow up without a father like she did