Kailyn Named Baby Lo!

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Today's the day!

Baby Lo is turning out to be a real show stopper, isn’t he? Fans have been waiting on him since the news of Kailyn’s pregnancy rang through the social media hills. Fans waited for Kail to admit that she was actually pregnant, then they waited on the identity of Baby Lo’s father. They waited some more for Baby Lo’s gender, and then they waited even longer to see if Baby Lo’s father would step up to the plate.

The most recent waiting game revolves around Baby Lo’s legal name. It seems like forever since Baby Lo was brought into the Teen Mom family, and fans have anxiously waited to see what Kailyn would formally name him. Luckily, the waiting is finally coming to an end. It’s the day we’ve all been waiting to arrive for… how long? One month? Two?

baby lo

Source: Instagram @kaillowry