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Kailyn Lowry Finally Reveals Her Baby Daddy’s Identity!

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He's a mystery man no more!

Kailyn Lowry’s life is incredibly busy right now. It all started one year ago while she was publicly battling with her husband Javi Marroquin on social media, and it looked likely that the parents would be divorcing. In fact, Kailyn filed for divorce not long after Javi returned from his long overseas deployment. Kailyn was still going through school, working on getting a bachelor’s degree, hoping to graduate in May 2017. But then she “planned” on throwing a curve ball in her own game by getting pregnant with her third child.

After all of that, she’s finally ready to tell us who it was that got her pregnant.

Source: Twitter @KailLowry

Kailyn really didn't want to spill the tea yet, but it's been spilled